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Business Seminars


Speaker’s Profile
Mr. Alan Go
CEO, ERC Institute

Organisations are made up of people and the success of any workplace is to identify the things that makes good leadership at each level of an organisation. When selecting our team leaders, managers, directors and CEOs or any project leaders, we should not look only at their performance and skills but we should also examine a person’s character. There are certain qualities a person must possess, that builds what type of leaders they are. Critically one should also determine the leadership styles of people in order to maintain a work team that is one single unit entity.

This seminar highlights key areas:

  • Models of Leadership
  • Characteristics of Leaders
  • Leadership Attributes

Guest Speak in Hong Kong Polytechnic University's School of Hotel & Tourism Management

Randahl Koh was recently invited to guest speak in Hong Kong Polytechnic University's School of Hotel & Tourism Management "Professor for a Day" series on 24th October 2017. This university is one of the top tourism & hospitality schools in the world where Randahl shared his experiences on Singapore’s Integrated Resorts (IRs) development to 120 final year students in Resort and Spa Hotel Management for their Bachelor (Hons) Hotel Management Programme at Hotel Icon.

Touching on his experience from Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), one of the two IRs, Randahl shared how both RWS and Marina Bay Sands (MBS) have transformed Singapore's skyline and the global gaming landscape since their launch. With his recent stint in the 2017 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix in September as a Paddock Club Lifestyle Manager, he further shared on how mega-sporting events can impact the IRs and hotels positively, and how it can potentially increase tourism receipts and tourist footfall into Singapore.

A day prior to his lecturer to University of Hong Kong, Randahl was also invited to guest lecture on "Crime, Tourism and Gaming in Singapore" to their Bachelor (Hons) students in Tourism Management. The interesting findings to the gaming and casino crime activities in Singapore provided the Hong Kong students with new tourism knowledge and insights from a Singaporean perspective - gearing them on international learnings as they prepare to enter the work life.


The one-day workshop is conducted as part of OCBC Bank's annual learning week-the theme in 2017 is learning the Sun Zi Art of War classical military strategies. Sun Zi Art of War is a 2500-year-old ( 553 to 221 BC) Chinese Military Strategic concept written by Sun Zi, a Qi native who was widely regarded as the founder of the ART of WAR. The text (only 600 Chinese characters) was written around 500BC. Appointed the Supreme Commander of Wu armies by Prince Wu He Lu who was impressed with him and over 20 years his advice had won battle over Qi, Qin and Yue States till his death.

The first part of the workshop involved training business unit managers on how to use relevant Art of War strategic concepts can be adapted to modern business management to accelerate their businesses, managers learn concepts to understand business environment better, positioning of products, training staff to increase competency to gain business victory. The second part involved training sales and front liners to increase profitable sales where the executives (sales warriors) are trained to understand if they have right sales attitude to fight business wars for customers acquiring.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”
Sun Zi


Speaker’s Profile
Mr. Alan Go
CEO, ERC Institute

Perfect your authentic professional image to own your unique “brand” that is truly right for you and nobody else. Your image and brand must benefit your organisation and yourself in today’s culturally diverse world.

Attend this seminar to learn how successful people leverage on higher education to increase self-branding equity for career and business advancement.


Speaker’s Profile
Mr. Tan Kim Lim
Senior Lecturer, ERC institute

Culture is powerful element that shapes your work environment, relationship, and business processes. The study of culture involves learning how different nationalities’ values, beliefs, underlying assumptions and attitudes. To manage a global talent team with different cultural background, it is important to find aspects of the culture that support these qualities for your employees as well as all stakeholders.


Speakers’ Profile
Mr. Alan Go – Deputy CEO, ERC institute
Mr. Mutaza Sarbini – Senior Manager of Security
Mr. Victor Kow – Human Resources Practitioner and Consultant

Come and listen from our panel of speakers who have been leveraging on life-long learning skills, to achieve extraordinary growths in both their careers and business growth.

  • Aiming for a managerial of management position?
  • Aspire to further develop your talent?
  • Be in the know of how your boss evaluates you?
  • Being aware of techniques used by HR to screen talents from resumes?