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The Attractiveness Of The Tourism Industry Of Batam, Indonesia

“The topic of this research is the attractiveness of the tourism industry of Batam, Indonesia which aims to determine contributing factors towards Batam’s tourism industry considering its unique environment. The primary data collection is conducted through interviews, surveys and observations through site visits. On the other hand, secondary data consists of literature reviews and statistical data. Lastly, the triangulation analysis will be used as a way to bring the key findings under one perspective.

The research concludes that the affordable and accessible nature of Batam are two of the most highly regarded factors that make Batam’s tourism attractive. Moreover, well-being and shopping has been found to be major activities that Batam’s tourists seek. Other factors include, transport infrastructure, safety & security as well as cultural diversity making Batam a window to Indonesia. The industrial aspect of Batam may not heavily affect its tourism. However, with the decrease of travelling businessmen, accommodation and transport services can be negatively affected by an economic downturn”

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