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Why Choose ERCI

Investing in your further education to enhance your career prospects may be the most important decision that you have to make.

ERCI believes in providing a world-class further education to help you achieve a brighter future. No matter what your qualifications and work experience are, we have the programme to suit your needs.

We view our students as unique individuals and do not classify them as academically inclined or not academically inclined. We believe that all students will be able to achieve as long as they are given the right guidance.

ERCI mentors and grooms our students to be the next generation of business catalysts with skills to take on and solve real world business challenges. We also adopt a holistic approach to encourage entrepreneurship. Our market-based approach to business education transforms our students into effective business catalysts.

Experienced Lecturers, Practical Curriculum and Online Study Resources

Our teaching methodologies and curriculum is centered on how to apply practical know-how and skills to solve business problems.

For Diploma programmes, our experienced lecturers ensure that the students understand the foundation content before moving on to the next level and students have free access to make appointments for extra tutorial hours with the lecturers.

For Degree programmes and Masters programmes, our University partners are selected based on their ability to have online study technologies and resources such as our current partners Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, University of Greenwich and University of Wolverhampton. Students can email lecturers anytime and we also set up blogs and chat groups to allow online discussions.

Partnerships with Universities

UK Universities

ERCI is proud to offer bachelor and masters programmes in conjunction with the University of Greenwich and University of Wolverhampton, both of which are highly regarded with a wealth of research and academic excellence.

University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich has provided career-orientated programmes for over 100 years. Students enrolled in this programme will discover innovative ways to learn as traditional teaching is supported by online resources, within the virtual learning environment and this is also supplemented by business simulation exercises and practical games. The University’s programmes are constantly revised to reflect current business priorities and demands of employers through business forums with local business leaders. This ensures students are trained in relevant business application.

University of Wolverhampton

The University of Wolverhampton is a dynamic, innovative and business focused university in the centre of England with history of going back to mid-1800s. With over 23,000 students from 100 different countries, inclusive of 2,500 overseas students, students become part of a learning community that promotes knowledge, innovation and enterprise. Equipping students with the knowledge they require for their career progression in their chosen industry, The University of Wolverhampton maintains strong links with the business world and offers graduate & postgraduate courses that provide experience & practical skills that organisations value. The University of Wolverhampton’s various areas of research is ranked among the best in the world. Based on the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), 8 of the 11 chose fields of research that the University pursues, is accredited as achieving global standards. This is testament to the University of Wolverhamptons commitment to advancing opportunities for students to pursue academic research as a globally acknowledged level.

USA Universities

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

In 2011, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Asia was launched. Embry-Riddle Asia offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that are carefully crafted to be relevant and enriching for students through partnerships in Singapore. Backed by the prestige of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the world’s oldest and largest university specializing in aviation and aerospace, Embry-Riddle Asia provides students who are studying in Singapore with the same quality education that is offered at their campuses overseas. From learning about the business aspects of Aviation to the fundamentals of Aeronautics, prospective students can expect a rewarding time on campus, gaining access to experienced faculty, industry professionals and fellow students who have a passion for aviation and aerospace, as well as professional organizations.

Student Club

At ERC Institute, we take pride in creating unique experiences for our students - “The ERCI Experience”. The Student Club’s mission is to ignite the fire in our students and push their boundaries to giving their best. We are a platform for students to transform their lives and let their passion grow by maximising their potential to achieve personal developmental targets.

Student Activities

Under the leadership of Student Council, there are many activities organized by our student leaders to benefit the whole student population so as to make their journey at ERC Institute a fun and enriching one. These activities include ERCI Care charity projects, industry visits, entrepreneurship talks, orientation for new ERC Institute students.

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ERCI students enjoy excellent facilities so as to receive an outstanding holistic education experience.

With our latest state-of-the-art campus located at Mountbatten Square, just outside the city fringe, which is a stone throw away from the Singapore Sports Hub and one of the best hawker centre in town, students now have a newly furnished learning environment that they can be proud of, with access to technology, infrastructure, services and facilities to learn and grow with ERCI.

At ERCI, lecture groups are generally no more than 150 students while tutorial groups are small with class sizes not exceeding 35 students. ERCI students also receive business grooming and mentorship from ERCI’s founding members and board of directors, who are also corporate titans in their industry of choice.

Rooms Type Areas(m2) Maximum Capacity
Classroom #01-25 / 03 - MIT 4 Classroom 50.40 33
Classroom #01-27 - EMBRY Classroom 89.00 59
Classroom #01-28 - RIDDLE Classroom 89.00 59
Classroom #01-29 / 01 - GREENWICH Classroom 65.50 43
Classroom #01-29 / 02 - WOLVERHAMPTON Classroom 65.50 43
Classroom #01-31 / 01 – STANFORD 1 Classroom 35.60 23
Classroom #01-43 / 01 - YALE 4 Classroom 48.67 32
Classroom #01-43 / 02 - YALE 5 Classroom 48.67 32
Classroom #01-43 / 03 - YALE 6 Classroom 48.67 32
Classroom #01-44 / 01 - YALE 3 Classroom 36.00 24
Classroom #01-44 / 02 - YALE 2 Classroom 36.00 24
Classroom #01-44 / 03 - YALE 1 Classroom 36.00 24
Classroom #01-45 / 01 - HARVARD 4 Classroom 36.00 24
Classroom #01-45 / 02 - HARVARD 5 Classroom 36.00 24
Classroom #01-45 / 03 - HARVARD 6 Classroom 36.00 24
Classroom #01-46 / 01 - HARVARD 3 Classroom 36.00 24
Classroom #01-46 / 02 - HARVARD 2 Classroom 36.00 24
Classroom #01-46 / 03 - HARVARD 1 Classroom 36.00 24

Student Lounge
Students can sit and relax at the Student Lounge Area. It is where the hustle and bustle always happens. Most of our students gather to hang out, study and have productive discussions here between lessons.

Need to let off some steam and pound it out on the treadmill after having a long day? ERCI encourages students and staff to develop a healthy lifestyle. Our gym facility is available for students to enjoy before and after class.

With the many functional food heating essentials and homely setting at our campus pantry, students and staff can gather here during lunch and class breaks to hang out and grab a bite.

FUNZone - a room to chill out and have fun. With an array of activities that students can utilise, this is definitely our students’ favourite area to rewind after a long day in the classroom.

Our library is a place for students to concentrate on study and creativity eagerness in the idea brainstorming process for their coursework and project. We have a huge collection of books and material for students to refer to for their class work.

Garden Terrace
Our garden terrace, the place for a breath of fresh air! It is a corner for students to chill with friends over break time and for hosting monthly student club gathering and barbeque activities.

ERC Institute also boasts a wireless environment that allows students access to the cyber world at any time within the school compounds from their laptops.

Photo-copying and Faxing
Photocopying, a chargeable service is available at the Lounge. Please approach the student council for assistance.

Counselling Services
ERC Institute has an in-house counsellor that is available to provide advisory and counselling services to students if necessary. Please contact your course administrator to schedule an appointment with Ms Anurada Thanabah if you require counselling services or you can make an appointment by calling ERC Institute Hotline number +65 – 63492727.

Industry visits: Students are introduced to over 300 leading international industry partners

Students are geared to receiving first-hand practical knowledge at an early stage through industry visits into international organisations. This learning experience of understanding how organisations function in the real-working world gives students more added-value especially when they enter the workforce.

ERCI proudly works with top industry-leading partners such as Facebook, Google, Bloomberg, New Water, Unilever, Singapore Expo, Nielsen, HSBC, NTUC, and more, to help students expand their relationships with corporations and enhance their learning curves, grooming them to be work-ready upon graduation.

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Benefits of ERCI Student Privilege Programme

The ERCI Student Privilege Programme aims to provide ERCI students with a host of exciting lifestyle, retail and dining privileges. Students will enjoy discounts and special promotions at any one of our Privilege Partners simply by flashing their ERCI Student Card. Check back regularly to find out what other lifestyle, retail and dining merchants have joined us in our ERCI Student Privilege Programme!

ERCI Student Privilege Partners

Here's a quick glance of our student performance data

As of FY2017/2018,

Student Graduation Rate - 80.20%

Course Progression Rate - 80.98%

Examination Pass Rate - 85%

Attrition Rate - 1.05%