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About Us

ERC Institute (ERCI) was established in 2003 by ERC Holdings (ERC) to provide education with a difference and raise the bar in education services in Singapore. ERC Holdings was founded by a group of successful Asian entrepreneurs in 1999 to cultivate a strong entrepreneurial culture in Asia.

Our primary objective is to groom and mentor a new generation of business leaders equipped with skills to analyze and solve real world business challenges of today.

ERC Holdings and ERCI work closely with government bodies, such as the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and Singapore Tourism Board (STB). Up till 2006, ERC Holdings was a “LEAP Partner” of Economic Development Board (EDB) in appreciation of efforts to accelerate the growth of enterprises and industries in Singapore.

We have produced ideas and leaders that shape the world of business. Our hands on, market-based approach to business education transforms our students into confident, effective, respected business leaders equipped to analyze and solve real world business challenges. We bring the market to the classrooms.

We are ERCI.

Established in 2003, ERC Institute (ERCI) has gained significant recognition as an Institute that truly cares about our students’ education. We aim to equip students with the most relevant knowledge, applicable skills and the right attitude to help each student to achieve their highest potential. ERCI has strived to create an environment that encourages our students to be critical thinkers, innovative problem solvers and implementers of robust ideas by riding on the next wave of future business trends and technological developments. Our list of successful alumni is a proven testimonial to our Institute’s reputation.

ERCI students not only have access to a modern, state-of-the-art city campus and its services and amenities, they are also exposed to an exciting academic curriculum, which is relevant in today’s professional environment and designed to ensure that they are ready to excel in the workforce upon graduation.

As an education provider, we have pioneered the concept of an education ecosystem, where both life-skills and academic knowledge play equally important roles so that our students can create a positive impact in the commercial world and in their communities. We have also included mentorship and facilitation as key components of student engagement with interactive-participative learning to encourage innovative design-thinking outcomes. We believe that each of our students is a leader. Our leadership enrichment programmes are integral to the learning environment. Our student council activities are very successful and provide each student with the opportunity to lead.

ERCI believes strongly in encouraging entrepreneurship and provides entrepreneurial platforms for all our students (and alumni) to incubate business ideas. Should our students wish to challenge themselves as entrepreneurs, we have a business start-up ecosystem to expose our students to networking opportunities, co-office sharing spaces, business mentorships and potential investment initiatives in a regional context.
We strive to groom a new generation of corporate leaders and entrepreneurs who can excel in the fields they choose to immerse themselves in. Our market-based approach to business education transforms our students into confident, effective, respected business leaders equipped to analyse and solve real world business challenges. We bring the market to the classroom.

ERCI continues to expand our product offerings. We have partnered with quality universities such as the University of Greenwich, U.K., the University of Wolverhampton, U.K. and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, U.S.A. We offer quality academic courses in the areas of Entrepreneurship and Management, Accounting and Finance, Tourism and Hospitality, Aeronautics and Aviation. We also have many short Continual Professional Development (CPD) courses that our students can take to further enhance their professional value and work towards life-long learning.

We have taken a revolutionary spirit towards learning in business education and we are always looking to encourage each other to pursue unconventional lines of thinking in order to help our students create a positive future. We are constantly improving our teaching methodologies, service standards and curriculum design to offer value innovations for our students, regardless of nationality and cultural differences.
I invite you to study with us and experience the real difference and value that ERC Institute offers.


We strive to provide education with a difference by offering our students:

  • Access to globally focused high quality education partners
  • Extracurricular activity sponsorship, lifelong learning opportunities, and career management
  • Socially impactful outreach initiatives


To be a premier Asian Institute known for collaborations with high quality global education partners offering industry relevant courses utilizing quality teaching methods.

Values & Culture

We believe that by creating an environment whereby honesty, respect, and responsibility are part of the culture, we are best positioned to embrace and enable our core values of Professional Excellence, Results and Customer Focus.
Professional Excellence – Effective systems and procedures and staff development are fundamental in creating an ecosystem of learning.
Results- We believe in saying what we do and doing what we say. Our goals and objectives can only be achieved through employee empowerment and by selecting collaborative education partners.
Customer Focus – Our commitment to successful learning outcomes for our students starts with a positive learning environment.

Promising SME 500 2012

In March 2012, ERC Institute was conferred the Promising SME 500 Award (Platinum Category). This is one of the reputable awards in Singapore initiated by Small Medium Business Association (SMBA), to recognize and acknowledge promising local SMEs in recognition for business practices that provide employment, drive innovation and create a competitive edge for the Singapore economy. Nominees for the award are judged on several criteria such as leadership, innovation, operational & financial performance, value creation and business & environmental sustainability.


Private Education Act

The Committee for Private Education (CPE) was appointed by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Board in October 2016 to carry out its functions and powers relating to private education under the Private Education Act. The CPE is supported by a team of dedicated staff from SSG to regulate the sector, provide student services, consumer education and facilitate capability development efforts to uplift standards in the local private education industry.

Enhanced Registration Framework

The Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) spells out the mandatory registration requirements and legislative obligations which all PEIs operating in Singapore must meet.

The ERF is administered by the Council for Private Education (CPE) and is provided to ERCi, which maintains quality and protects the interests of students enrolling into its programmes.

UPDATE: ERCi has been awarded a second 4 – year certification for the Enhanced Registration Framework. We will continue to enhance our service and quality standards to meet the growing demands of our students and stakeholders.


ERCI has attained EduTrust Certification for maintaining robust academic systems and processes, and upholding quality standards in its delivery of programmes. For Institutions to be awarded with Edutrust, they must be assessed on the following:

  1. Management commitment and responsibilities
  2. Corporate governance and administration
  3. External recruitment agents
  4. Student protection and support services
  5. Academic processes and assessment of students
  6. Achievement of Student and Graduate Outcomes
  7. Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Results


2003 •Establishment of first flagship campus in International Plaza.
2004 •Moved into Robinson Centre, from its original premises, to accommodate the increasing number of enrolments.
2005 •Signed Memorandum of agreement with the Australian institute of Business to deliver its programmes in Singapore
•Attained CaseTrust for Education status; an indication of ERCI’s achievements of good student welfare practices and high quality standards.
2006 •Crossed the 1000 students mark.
•Signed Memorandum of Agreement with the University of Southern Queensland to deliver its programmes in Singapore.
2007 •Moved into new campus at River Valley Road to cater primarily to its growing numbers.
2008 •Qualified for the Singapore Quality Class for Private Education Organsisations (SQC-PEOs).
•Signed Memorandum of Agreement with the University of Greenwich to deliver its programmes in Singapore.
•Crossed the 2000 students mark.
2009 •Qualified for the Services Class Award by SPRING Singapore as an indication of its excellent customer service standards.
2010 •ERCI successfully registered with the Council for Private Education (CPE) under the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) in May.
•ERCI, one of the youngest PEIs in Singapore, was among the first few batches of PEIs that attained the prestigious 4-year EduTrust Certification in August.
•Signed Memorandum of Agreement with the University of Greenwich to deliver its programmes in Singapore.
2011 •Signed Memorandum of Agreement with the University of Wolverhampton to deliver its programmes in Singapore.
•ERC Holdings successfully acquired Prime Centre, to be converted into a Hotel to serve the growing demand in Singapore’s Tourism & Hospitality sector.
2012 •ERCI was awarded the PROMISING 500 SME Award by SMBA.
2013 •Crossed the 8000 students mark.
2014 •Moved into latest campus at Prinsep Street – a 11-storey building equipped with state-of-art facilities to provide the best learning experience for its fast growing student population.
•Launch of latest faculty-Act Academy to provide practical and industry relevant training in Acting and Film-making to the region. Act Academy is headed by renowned film producer Daniel Yun, and supported and taught by titans and celebrities in the movie industry of Asia.
•Signed Memorandum of Agreement with the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University to deliver its programmes in Singapore.
•Signed Memorandum of Agreement with the Temple University to deliver its executive post-graduate programmes in Singapore.
•Signed Memorandum of Agreement with the University of Denverto deliver its professional seminar programmes in Singapore.
•Students in University of Greenwich, MBA programme earned a Global Top 100 ranking for a Business Strategy Game performance during the week of 23-Jun-14 through 29-Jun-14. ERCI ranked 7th, a performance that reflects on the caliber of instruction that students are receiving in the course.
•ERCI team won the Grand Award, the only Private Education Institute team to compete in finalist alongside 5 other Singapore’s government tertiary institutions organized by Moove Media’s “Moove Media Hails Young Hearts (MMHYH) 2014”- a competition on leadership skills and heart to serve the community.
2015 •Awarded 4 year EduTrust Certification
2016 •ERCI team crowned Champion in the Youth Entrepreneurs Competition, a national level competition organized by the Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC) on 16 July 2016. This is also the 1st time in the competition’s 5-years history that a Private Education Institute came in as Champion.
•University of Greenwich, UK brings their Global Business Enterprise Challenges from Europe to Asia by choosing ERCI as their only Asian education partners to participate in this competition
2017 •ERCI achieved the highest overall full-time employment rate among 40 PEIs in Singapore (rated by PEI Graduate Employment Survey 2015/16).
2018 •ERCI graduates received the highest median gross monthly salary in Singapore (rated by PEI Graduate Employment Survey 2016/17).

Organisational Chart

Senior Management

Yen Ong
Group CEO, ERC Holdings

Yen has a proven track record in various key business development & marketing roles involving evolution and change management. Her pilot roles in various media organisations of Cable TV (Singapore Cable Vision), Regional TV (MTV), Internet Advertising (China.com) and Digital Music (Soundbuzz & Motorola) at their nascent stages is a testimonial of her experience and expertise of driving businesses whilst embracing new technology. Her acumen and passion are evidenced in multiple “first to market” products and projects she has been involved in cutting across from media to digital products. Always pushing the concept of creative solutionism while building strong relationships with customers has translated to dynamic growth for the various companies. Being an ardent believer in change management to stay on top of ever changing economies, her current role as Group Chief Executive Officer of ERC Holdings sees interesting forays leveraged on her experience.

Alan Go
COO, ERC Institute

Alan joined ERC Institute in 2011 in the local sales department before moving to the academic department and is the Academic Director before being appointed to his current role. As Academic Director, he has led the Academic Division to new heights with new initiatives such as our Teaching Academy and also ensuring constant infusion of current Industry and business practices into our teaching pedagogies to not only stay relevant but providing an experiential learning journey for our students. Alan comes from a background of regional and international sales, marketing, business development and entrepreneurship holding various senior management positions in Meeting, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (M.I.C.E), Internet Start-ups, Financial Outsourcing Services, Software and Corporate Training sectors. His past records as an entrepreneur and corporate roles will greatly assist in core new initiatives at ERC Institute to bring it into the next decade of private education and learning. He believes that students learn best when teaching is practical, fun, relevant and applicable to the real-world.

Joanne Chia
Group Finance Director, ERC Institute

Being the Accountant of ERC Institute, Joanne holds the internationally recognized professional ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) qualification. She has a very rich experience in the accounting field whereby she holds various supervisory and managerial roles. She is responsible for all finance matters relating to all programmes offered by ERC Institute. She is also responsible for all finance matters under ERC Holdings.

The Academic Board of ERCI is an appointed body that consists of distinguished personalities from the industry and academia and the management of the school. As the policy-making body, its role is to guide the Senior Managers in the development and implementation of strategies for the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of teaching and learning. It oversees the policies, programmes and all matters relating to students, including admission criteria, course content, course delivery, lecturers’ performance, etc.

Mr Alan Go
Alan Go has over 16 years of regional and International sales, marketing and business development experience both as a senior corporate executives and as an entrepreneur largely from the Meeting Incentives Conference and Exhibition (M.I.C.E), B2B trade Services, Education, Internet Technology and Finance Outsourcing Services sectors. A highly motivated lecturer, he specializes in teaching strategies to enhance the sales and marketing management processes to increase mindshare, market share, new market creations and value-innovations for product and services. Alan graduated with distinction from University of Oklahoma, USA with a Degree in Mass Communications majoring in Advertising and Business. He also has an MBA (International) from Edith Cowan University, Australia where he has graduated amongst top 15 percent of his cohort.

Dr Tay Chor Ter
External Member
Dr Tay Chor Ter is a senior level, results-driven professional with more than 20 years of solid, hands-on management expertise and experience in corporate training and education under his belt. Deeply passionate about education and training, Dr Tay holds a Doctor of Education from Edith Cowan University and an MBA in Entrepreneurship Management from University of Louisville. Besides being a recognized leader well known for his breadth of knowledge and experience, Dr Tay also holds a strong track record in leadership, project management, people management, relationship building and influencing skills.

Mr Constantine Ng
Senior Academic Head
Constantine holds four Masters degrees namely Master of Arts in Southeast Asian Studies, Master of Arts in Educational Research, MBA in Information Technology Management and Master of Science in Business Systems Analysis & Design. He has vast experience in management and academic responsibilities. Constantine is involved in academic leadership and teaching from diploma to postgraduate levels. His teaching interests are in strategy, leadership, cultural studies, organizational behaviour and design, business information management, and southeast Asian business management. He also liaises with universities and national agencies on programme management and continuous development.

Mr. Bala Subramaniam
Senior Lecturer
Bala has held the position of a tax manager in an auditing firm for almost 8 years, dealing with Singapore tax and Australian tax regime. He also has had lecturing experience for more than 10 years in accounting and business subjects for ACCA, AAT, CAT, LCCI and undergraduate programmes for the University of Tasmania, Victoria University and Murdoch University and University of Portsmouth. Bala has also conducted public seminars in taxation for the Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the ERA Realty Group.

Mr Tan Kim Lim
External Member
Kim Lim, who holds a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Melbourne and Monash University respectively, loved his work as a Human Resource (HR) practitioner, and it was during this period where he developed a passion for training and teaching. Wanting to make an impact in young people’s academic life, Kim Lim made the switch from people management area of work to an academic in 2013, where he started his teaching career with Singapore Polytechnic. Kim Lim’s expertise lies in the full spectrum of HR work and his working experience predominantly lies with Singapore’s public sector agencies. Kim Lim is the accredited professional member with the Singapore Human Resource Institute.

Dr Jeetendra (Jack) Patel
External Member
Dr Jack Patel, was born and raised in London. He attended the prestigious UCL to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and then completed his Master’s degree in Economics and Finance at the University of Bristol. He returned to UCL to complete his doctoral degree in international education. His research interests are in global education, teaching and learning strategies and curriculum innovation. He won a CMO Asia award for ‘Excellence in Education Leadership’ in 2016.

Having taught in five countries including the UK, Japan, UAE, Bahrain and Singapore. Dr Jack’s ability to forge friendships through immersing in local cultures, cuisines and diverse working environments complement his passion for travelling and teaching Economics, English and Business Studies to students of all of ages and backgrounds.

Dr Jack is currently teaching for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University as a full-time Assistant Professor. He enjoys interacting with the diverse, intelligent, passionate and motivated students at the university. Dr Jack is currently serving as Academic Development Officer at the Asia campus.

The Examination Board is responsible for the internal moderation for a set of modules of each Academic Segment of ERCI. This panel will confirm the marks awarded for each module. All marks from the Examination Board are supplied to the Academic Director by the head of Student Services who will then provide the same results to the Progression and Awards Examination Board which determines classification of awards and progression of students.

Dr Tay Chor Ter
Chairman, External Member
Dr Tay Chor Ter is a senior level, results-driven professional with more than 20 years of solid, hands-on management expertise and experience in corporate training and education under his belt. Deeply passionate about education and training, Dr Tay holds a Doctor of Education from Edith Cowan University and an MBA in Entrepreneurship Management from University of Louisville. Besides being a recognized leader well known for his breadth of knowledge and experience, Dr Tay also holds a strong track record in leadership, project management, people management, relationship building and influencing skills.

Mr Daniel Ong Siow Peng
External Member
Daniel, who specializes in Accountancy and Finance subjects, have been teaching and tutoring postgraduate to diploma programmes since 1994. He holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Manchester. He is also a certified public accountant and a Fellow of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). He has over 30 years of experience in his chosen field and is well respected and liked among the students he has taught.

Mr Richard Yeo Chin Keat
External Member
Richard has over 30 years of working experience in the banking industry, covering the areas of International Trade Finance, Funds Transfers (Remittances), Business Administration, Retail Banking and Risk Management. He has worked in various international banks and is actively involved in conducting in-house training.

Richard was an Associate Trainer with the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF), and was also a Tutor with Business and Management Education Limited, for the Manchester Business School MBA program conducted in Singapore. He is currently an Associate Lecturer with The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) and developed a module, Export-Import Operations and E-commerce in Trade, for the Diploma in International Business, offered by SIM.

He holds a Master of Business Administration jointly awarded by the University of Wales and the University of Manchester and possessed numerous professional qualifications.

Mr Victor Kow
External Member
Victor is an active Management Trainer and Consultant with more than 38 years’ experience in senior management functions, strategic human resource management, training & development, management & leadership development, employee relations information technology management and management consultancy in both large public and private sectors organisations in the Asia Pacific region. He has lectured at various undergraduate and graduate levels courses, conducted numerous management, HR and leadership training courses and carried out various management consultancy projects globally in both English and Chinese.

Victor has held various senior HR positions in BP Singapore and Asia-Pacific, DBS Land and CapitaLand besides being the Head of Training & Development and Human Resource Management in a Statutory Board.

Victor has a BBus from RMIT University, Australia and an MBA from University of Dubuque, Iowa, USA. He also obtained a professional MSc in HRM from Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA. He attended an HRM Executive Development Program with Cornell University and Train the Trainers Program with International Labour Organisation (ILO) among other major professional development qualification programs in his career as an active HR professional and senior executive. He is a professional Member of a number of Singapore and US Human Resource and Management related professional Institutes.

Ms Anurada Thanabah
Senior Lecturer & School Counsellor
A graduate of a Master in Counselling (Monash, Australia) and possessing a degree majoring in Child psychology and Education psychology (Adam State University, USA), Anurada specializes in teaching both English and Psychology related subjects. She is also heavily involved in counselling students and dealing with autistic children. Having gained both teaching and counselling experience over the past decade in countries such as Singapore, Indonesia and Australia, she strives to ensure that her students learn in an engaging and participative class environment.

Ms Nicole Lim
Internal Member
Nicole has a Master of Business Administration from University of Wolverhampton, U.K. and Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology from University of Southern Queensland, Australia. She has worked in public relations, media relations and communications in Malaysia in the events industry and later in education industry for over 8 years involved in student services management and support operations management. She has also worked in the medical industry managing training programmes for senior medical professionals. She is a dedicated academic at ERC Institute and lecturers at Advanced Diploma and Bachelor level and is involved in the implementation of e-learning initiatives.

Mr Jasni Hambali
Internal Member
Jasni Hambali has over 25 years of experience in supply chain management and logistics. He has worked as senior executives managing SCM operations in the oil & gas, petrochemicals and automotive industries and lead logistics programmes in the education sector. He has a Masters of Science in Logistics, Wollongong University and Bachelor of Commerce in Logistics Management from Curtin University. Jasni has worked regionally in China, Taiwan, Myanmar, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Full Time Lecturers

To see the deployment list of our full-time academics, please click here.

To see the deployment list of ERAU academics, please click here.

To see the deployment list of Temple academics, please click here.

Part Time Lecturers

Our pool of adjunct lecturers is made up of many experienced industry professionals. Their wealth of practical experience has been an invaluable resource for classroom interactions. Currently, ERC Institute boasts a pool of about 80 adjunct lecturers, in addition to 20 full-time lecturers.

To see the deployment list of our part-time lecturers, please click here.

ERC Institute is an established Educational Service Provider and to us, protecting the personal data of our stakeholders is of paramount importance. We are committed to maintaining a robust system in upholding high standards of confidentiality in relation to personal data collected, used and or disclosed.
Our Data Protection Policy has been developed to fully endorse and incorporate all relevant terms under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (“PDPA”).
Should the need arise to give any feedback or enquiries relating to your personal data, please contact the Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO) whose contact details are given below.


Data Protection Officer (DPO)
ERC Institute Private Limited
30 Prinsep Street, #11-01,
Singapore 188647

Telephone: +65 6349 2727
Email: dpo@erci.edu.sg

Please visit http://www.pdpc.gov.sg for more information.